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China Construction Network, April 11: Prefabricated building refers to a building that transfers a large number of on-site operations in the traditional construction method to the factory, processes and manufactures building components and accessories (such as floors, wallboards, stairs, balconies, etc.) in the factory, transports them to the construction site, and assembles and installs them on the site through reliable connection. Mainly including prefabricated concrete structures, steel structures, modern wooden structure buildings, etc. The Prefabricated building adopts standardized design, factory production, assembly construction, information management and intelligent application, which is a modern industrial production mode. Vigorously developing Prefabricated building is a strategic measure to implement the spirit of the Central Urban Work Conference and an important way to promote the transformation and development of the construction industry.

To promote Prefabricated building to make breakthrough progress, it is necessary to increase policy support, constantly improve the technical standard system, enhance the endogenous power of Prefabricated building development, identify the goal, make a determination, take multiple measures, and comprehensively promote Prefabricated building nationwide on the basis of sufficient research. Strive to achieve the goal of "Prefabricated building accounting for 30% of new buildings" proposed by the Central Urban Work Conference in about 10 years.

(1) Formulate the development plan of Prefabricated building

We will study and formulate guidelines for accelerating the development of Prefabricated building, implement key tasks, and comprehensively promote the development of prefabricated concrete, steel structure, and modern wood structure buildings by innovating systems and mechanisms and strengthening safeguard measures. Prepare the development outline of Prefabricated building during the "13th Five Year Plan", propose the development goals, technical direction, implementation path and organizational guarantee of Prefabricated building during the "13th Five Year Plan", guide and promote the development of Prefabricated building, and encourage qualified regions to formulate policies and measures to promote Prefabricated building based on actual conditions.

(2) Strengthen Prefabricated building technology and management innovation

First, strengthen the research, development and promotion of Prefabricated building technology system. Key research and development and promotion of prefabricated concrete structure frame structure system, shear wall structure system, and frame shear wall structure system, as well as steel frame support system, steel frame steel plate shear wall system, steel frame concrete shear wall system, and modern wooden structure building system. Research and promote the development of Building information modeling (BIM) technology in the whole life cycle of design, construction, operation and maintenance, and promote mature construction methods. The second is to improve the technology and product standards of Prefabricated building. Promote the integrated development of Prefabricated building design, assembly construction, interior decoration and acceptance management, and formulate and improve corresponding standards and specifications. Accelerate the development of the technical system of Prefabricated building components in a universal, standardized, modularized and serialized manner, actively guide the standardized production and application of prefabricated components such as composite floors, interior and exterior wallboards, stairs and balconies, and architectural decoration components, focus on guiding the integrated development of residential components such as integrated kitchens and integrated toilets, and improve the construction of the standard system of Prefabricated building components. Third, promote management innovation of Prefabricated building. In the construction of Prefabricated building, the general contracting mode is actively promoted to realize the deep integration and unified management of design, construction and procurement in the process of engineering construction, and optimize the project site management mode.

(3) Build a national Prefabricated building production base

Accelerate the construction of a number of national Prefabricated building production bases, promote the development of the whole industrial chain, shape the upstream and downstream extension capacity of the production base enterprises around the whole chain of design, parts production and construction, pay attention to the balanced industrial layout, boost industrial agglomeration, expand the industrial scale, cultivate new economic growth points, and form a complete and effective supply. Relying on the construction of production bases, we aim to cultivate leading enterprises with distinctive industrial characteristics, strong innovation capabilities, and high industrial relevance, capable of integrating design, production, and construction.

(4) Carry out pilot demonstration of Prefabricated building engineering application

Do a good job in the construction and guidance of pilot demonstration projects of Prefabricated building, and promote the development of Prefabricated building and related components through pilot demonstration projects. Do a good job in the trial application of prefabricated concrete Structural engineering. Vigorously promote a safe, reliable, green, energy-saving, and mature technology system, enhance the integrated application level of technology and products, and improve the overall construction quality and level of houses. Actively and steadily promote steel structure buildings. Taking the renovation of Shanty town, dilapidated buildings and earthquake resistant housing projects as breakthrough points, we will focus on the promotion and application of pilot projects in areas with good basic conditions for steel structure application, high seismic fortification levels and concentrated steel production capacity, and constantly improve the key technical level and application ratio of steel structure buildings in China. Advocate the development of modern wooden structure buildings, organize and carry out pilot projects for the application of modern wooden structure buildings, and promote the use of wooden structure buildings in low rise new public buildings invested by the government and urban flat to sloping areas. Promote the construction of multi-layer wood steel and wood concrete mixed structures. Emphasis will be placed on promoting wooden structures in areas characterized by wooden structures and tourist resorts.

(5) Increase policy support

Formulate policies and measures to promote the development of Prefabricated building, and increase fiscal and tax policy support. It is clear that Prefabricated building related industries enjoy preferential policies for energy conservation and environmental protection projects in emerging industries of the country, are included in the scope of comprehensive financial policy support for energy conservation and emission reduction, and components are included in the national energy conservation and environmental protection catalog. The relevant requirements for Prefabricated building shall be clearly defined in the land transfer conditions, and the industrial land for Prefabricated building shall be given priority. We will increase the investment in scientific research and promotion of Prefabricated building, and give preferential relief policies such as Prefabricated building urban construction supporting fees, special funds for new wall materials, quality deposits, migrant workers' wage guarantees, etc. Accelerate the pace of replacing business tax with value-added tax for Prefabricated building related enterprises, and Prefabricated building parts manufacturing enterprises that have been uniformly certified are regarded as construction enterprises and included in the scope of replacing business tax with value-added tax. For Prefabricated building projects and related enterprises and consumers, preferential policies such as preferential lending, interest reduction, and down payment will be implemented.

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