Creative Architecture: Not Just a House

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With the development of modern architecture in Europe, countless creative and unique buildings have not only achieved outstanding architectural achievements but also won the attention of the world while being highly controversial. Next, let's take a look at those creative buildings in Europe.

Krzywy Domek, Sopot, Poland

This "twisted" building in Poland, completed in 2004, is a local business center integrating catering, shopping and office in Sopot. It is designed by the famous design team Szoty ń Scy&Zaleski design. It is reported that the design inspiration of this building comes from the famous Polish illustrator Jan Marcin szancer and the Children's literature writer Jan Brzechwa. In addition, there is a significant 'celebrity wall' inside the building.

Nationale Nederlanden Building, Prague

The Nationale Nederlanden Building in Prague, also known as the "Dancing House," sparked widespread controversy in various sectors of society at the beginning of its construction. The building is located in a historical area full of memories of World War II, adjacent to the residence of Václav Havel, the first President of the Czech Republic. After completion, its unique modern architectural appearance forms a sharp contrast with the surrounding classical Baroque architecture.

Kunsthaus Graz, Graz, Austria

To commemorate Graz, the cultural center of Europe since the 1960s, Graz has built this Kunsthaus Graz reasonably built by the famous British architects Colin Funier and Peter Cook. The locals affectionately refer to this 11100 square meter art museum as a "friendly alien visitor". And the most commendable of them should still be the architectural structure that can be changed as needed, both internally and externally.

Castelmoor, Brittany, France

The small town of Brittany in Plougrescant is widely known for its unique house sandwiched in granite by the sea. It is reported that this residential building was built in 1861, and its owner built it in Shijian to avoid the invasion of storms. A postcard featuring the residence made it a popular tourist destination for tourists from around the world. Subsequently, the large number of tourists caused damage to the private residence, and now tourists are only allowed to admire this unique stone building from afar.

Banknote Building, Kaunas, Lithuania

The banknote building in Lithuania was built in 2008, and the designer used 4000 pieces of glazed glass to present the architectural design of the building with 1000 extra large banknotes.

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain

The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, completed in 1997, is a seamless modern building built by legendary architect Frank Gehry with limestone, glass, aluminum titanium alloy and other materials. The building is renowned overseas for its appearances in the 007 series of movies: Black Sun Crisis, Online Game Sim City 4, and famous singer Maria Kelly's "Sweetheart" MV.

Atomic Tower, Brussels

As the landmark building of the 1958 World's fair in Brussels, the postmodern designer Andr é Waterkeyn designed and built this world-famous atomic tower with the iron atomic structure magnified 165 billion times. The building consists of 9 spherical buildings and 20 connected steel pipes, among which 3 spherical buildings are set up as exhibition halls, showcasing numerous exhibits from around the world. In the 92 meter top circular building, visitors will have a panoramic view of Brussels' vast urban scenery.

Dali Theatre Museum, Figueres, Spain

The Dali Theatre Museum located in Figueres was built in 1974 and houses a large collection of Dali works. There are several egg shaped round sculptures carved on the top of the building. The design and layout are extraordinary and ingenious, which can be called the world's largest Surrealism works.

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